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ICP Activities

Webinar Series

ICP Webinars feature experts talking about substantive topics or providing information and discussion.

Interest Groups

ICP members come together in self-organized Interest Groups to pursue common interests.

 Area Chairs

Area Chairs encourage colleauges in their country or region to interact, collaborate, and benefit from ICP

More Activities

77th Annual ICP Convention
June 12-13, 2019

Cádiz, Spain
University of Cádiz, Faculty of Labour Sciences

Theme:  Human Rights, Dignity and Justice: From Knowlege to Aciton

In a world of growing economic inequality, global migration, refugee crises, and persistent human rights violations, the 2018 ICP theme addresses psychologists’ contributions to human well-being and resilience globally through our science, practice, and advocacy.


  • Cross-Border Collaborations
  • Global Mental Health
  • Diversity and Equity
  • Violence Against Women
  • Displacement, Migration, and Refugees
  • Indigenous Rights

Important Dates

March 6, 2019 Final Submission Deadline

Types of Submission

Note: Sessions with an international focus, particularly where speakers represent different countries, will receive priority.

Regular Submissions

Symposium (55 Minutes)*

Session in which several participants present on a common topic or issue. A Chair of the symposium provides the context, up to 3 presenters provide papers (12 minutes), and may be followed by a discussant who provides an integrated perspective. There will be time for audience interaction. 55 Minutes.

Panel Discussion / Conversation Hour / Roundtable Dicsussion (55 Minutes)*

Session that permits significant presenter/audience interaction on a specific topic. Up to 6 Participants may present different aspects or perspectives about a theme or issue. 55 Minutes.

Papers (Paper session 55 minutes)

Individual presentation, 12 minutes. May be presentation of a research project, an initiative, or a review of an area. Papers will be grouped together into 4-paper sessions.

Workshop (55 minutes)

Skill-building or educational program that focuses on teaching techniques and skills about a specific topic or field. 

Poster (Poster Session 55 minutes)

Presentation mounted on 3 x 4 foot poster board stand that provides new information on a given topic, such as the sharing of research findings. Sessions with authors present held at specific times. Poster presenters stand with their poster during the session. 

In-Absentia Poster

To encourage participation by students (only) at the ICP meeting when they are not able to attend. Accepted In-Absentia posters should be printed to be mounted on 3 x 4 foot poster board and sent to the Congress organizers. Posters should provide new information on a given topic, such as the sharing of research findings. In-absentia poster submissions by graduate students will be automatically reviewed for the Dayan-O'Roark In Absentia Poster Award

Invited Submission (on receipt of invitation letter)

Plenary (85 minutes)

Invited plenary speakers will provide an overview of a topic related to the conference theme in an 85 minute session (2 talks)  attended by all conference attendees.

Invited Paper (Invited Paper Session - 55 minutes)

Invited papers will be grouped into sessions of 3-speakers (15 minutes each) with time for audience questions

Directions for Submitting a Proposal


For each proposal you will need:

  • Type of Proposal: Symposium, Panel Discussion, Workshop, Poster
  • Subitter Category: regular or invited
  • Title of Presentation (no more than 10 words)
  • 50-word (maximum) abstract for the program
  • 250 Word (Maximum) abstract for the reviewers
  • Conference Subtheme(s) related to presentation
  • Name, Title, Affiliation and Email of the Principle Author or Chairperson submitting the proposal
  • Names, Titles, Affiliations and emails of all participants and co-authors, including Discussant when relevant
  • If you would like this program to be considered for Continuing Education credit (CE), submit 3 learning objectives.

For Symposia

  • In addition to the 250 word session abstract, provide a 50-word abstract for each participant’s presentation.
  • Provide a statement that each participant has agreed to attend and participate in the session.

For Workshop:

  • Provide up to 4 learning objectives.

Indicate any accommodations for a physical disability that would facilitate your participation.

All submissions must be made via the conftool web system: https://www.conftool.org/icp2019 

Send all questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear Colleagues

The 77th Annual International Council of Psychology Conference in Cádiz, Spain will be held June 12-13, 2019 with board meetings and special tours on June 11 and 14. The theme is "Human Rights, Dignity, and Justice: From Knowledge to Action."

In a world of growing social exclusion, violence, economic inequality, global migration, refugee crises, and persistent human rights violations, the ICP conference will address psychologists’ contributions to human rights, well-being, and resilience globally. It seeks to integrate science, practice, and advocacy to promote strategies for moving from knowledge to action. We welcome paper, poster, symposia, and workshops pertaining to a broad range of international Human Rights issues, including but not limited to social exclusion, violence against vulnerable peoples—especially women and children, disabilities, immigration, poverty, and other challenges.

Cádiz, founded by the Phoenicians and considered the oldest continuously occupied city in Western Europe, provides a geographically stunning and relevant historical backdrop to a conference dedicated to international collaboration to ameliorate human suffering. ICP is dedicated to furthering world peace, promoting human rights and collaboration among mental health professionals and social scientists throughout the world.

Please join us at the University of Cádiz, Department of Psychology, June 12-13. 


Natalie Porter, PhD       Ana Guil, PhD
Alliant International University, U.S.       University of Sevilla, Spain


ICP 2019 Program at a Glance

icp2019 glance

Conference Chair: 

ICP Porter sqNatalie Porter, ICP President, USA


Organizing Committee


Screenshot 2018 10 22 22.08.53 

Local Organizing Committee

logo2 seville  logo seville 

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logo cadiz

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